Our Mission

Veterinary Holistic Care will be widely recognized by animal lovers and the animal health community as a veterinary clinic specializing in using holistic modalities to keep companion animals healthy the natural way and in supporting the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

At Veterinary Holistic Care, we will be known for our extraordinary and compassionate patient care.

Veterinary Holistic Care will be the first choice for maintaining and restoring optimum health while preventing dis-ease in our patients.

Veterinary Holistic Care will be known as the friendliest and most caring clinic in the veterinary industry.

Veterinary Holistic Care will earn and deserve a reputation for achieving excellence in providing quality holistic medical and customer care.

Veterinary Holistic Care will be known as the best clinic to work for in the veterinary industry. Because of the team approach to management and philosophy of promotion from within, employees will have a strong sense of proprietorship and pride. This will result in high morale, low turnover and exceptional company loyalty. Through open, two-way communication, employees will share the company’s objectives and strive toward achievement of the highest veterinary industry standards.

Throughout Veterinary Holistic Care there will be a thoughtful awareness that the client is always right.

Clients and Veterinary Holistic Care partners will view Veterinary Holistic Care as successful because of our unparalleled reputation for quality, caring and going beyond simply curing disease. We will be known for maintaining health and promoting quality of life within a compassionate family unit.